Kapuna Hospital - Anecdotes

It's your turn!

Over the last 60 years, a lot of people from all over the world have been to Kapuna, for varying lengths of time, and for varying reasons:
...to train (nurses, orderlies, school students, discipleship...)
...as patients (having babies, after accidents, with infectious diseases, with hopefully not fatal medical conditions)
...as short-term helpers and work teams (electricians, builders, plumbers, dentists, christian workers, even a beautician!)
...as tourists (not a lot, but those that do are 'hard-out')
...as scientists (I still remember being paid to catch mud snakes)
...as travelling evangelists (may there be many more)
...as longer-term helpers (doctors, nurses, teachers, administrators)

Without you, Kapuna would not have survived, let alone thrived.

And we want your stories...then, and now...

And this is the perfect place for it, where everyone can read and remember.

Eventually, we may have a snazzy method for you to contribute your best memories. But for now, please use the 'Contact Us' Form (click 'Contact Us' above). We will email you back to get relevant images.

Our submission guidelines:
1. Please
only submit  what you are happy to see published, in part or full
2. Please
only submit  what you are happy to have edited (for length, content, style, spelling, and grammar!)
3. Please keep any individual 'anecdote' to no more than 150 words. Note: contributions may have multiple anecdotes, but please split them into stand-alone 150-word 'chunks'! They may not appear together
4. Please supply relevant images where possible (a picture being worth...)
5. Images should be a maximum of 300k each, and no more than 5 per contribution for the sake of our email limit (note: we may email and ask you for more)
6. By supplying images and text to us, you are allowing us to publish them on this website
7. Have fun remembering, and sharing your memories with us

Thank you in advance!




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