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This page is for Kapuna (GCS) staff to post the latest (and hottest) news on happenings in the jungle:
...Christian outreaches...medical issues (Kapuna and Kikori)...projects...prayer needs...

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21 June 2009 A lesson in love and temperature gauging, from Dr Valerie Archer

It is freezing here...the first day of the wet season that it has rained the whole day. I have had a blanket on my bed for the last 2 weeks and I am still cold. I asked myself what the temperature was, and I replied 20degC. I asked Grandma; she said 15degC. I asked Stephanie; she said 12degC. I checked the thermometer. 24degC. Like I said, cold.
Today has been too wet for our nightly run around the banana patch. Actually, the whole last one month has been too wet. The run is more a splish, splosh, splash, with the pace reduced to a delicate tip toe hop-step-jump between puddles.
I had a lesson in love the other day.I was weeding Grandma's pineapple patch and it began to rain - quite
heavily, but I ignored it. Suddenly, Colin is standing over me with an umbrella.
"That's nice of you,"  I comment.
"Anything for my favourite sister," he replies wetly.
...Wow, that's love!
So then I started to think. "Why am I weeding Grandma's horrible prickly pineapple patch anyway?"
It's because I love my Mum, and she wants her pineapples weeded.... This also can only be love!
I keep thinking: "I can't eat pineapples because I have sensitive teeth and they make my teeth hurt. Colin doesn't eat
pineapples because he has a sensitive stomach and they make his stomach hurt. Barbara and Stephanie eat pineapples, but they could buy them in the market. Grandma likes pineapples, but she can't eat 300. So why am I weeding 300 pineapples?"
So I ask Grandma, "Why are you growing 300pineapples?"
"For my grandchildren, when they come and visit."
Her grandchildren love pineapples; she loves her grandchildren...this is love
Moral: love makes the world go round. If it keeps going around, eventually it will come back to you in the form of ... you guessed it...  Pineapples!

Lots of love to you all,

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