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Kapuna Graduation

The graduating class.

The graduating class.

On Friday, February 7th, Kapuna Hospital graduated fourteen Community Healthcare Worker (CHW) students. It was the 51st class to walk up and received their certificates, marking how significant Kapuna training schools have been to the healthcare of the Gulf Province, as well as, the rest of Papua New Guinea.  The goal of all CHWs is to see holistic care provided for the rural population of PNG.

The CHW students will continue putting their skills to work as they take on an intense six month internship either at Kapuna or Kikori

Celebrating graduation from CHW training!

Celebrating graduation from CHW training!

Hospital. After, they will distribute throughout the nation to join the local staff at one of many healthcare stations. We believe they have been set up well to take on the challenges of rural stations and are excited to see all of them in action.

Of course, Kapuna Hospital knows that our desire to see PNG healthcare improve is not a challenge we fight alone. We want to thank partners including: Interoil, who supplied transportation of material from Port Moresby; the Training Division of the Government, who gives financial and material support; Baimuru Health Center staff for their training and knowledge shared; and our family at Kikori Hospital, who worked alongside our students to teach and develop their skill.

We are blessed to have been training PNG students for over 50 years and hope we can continue for another 50.


Our friends at SIL are currently working in the local community to launch an exciting new language tool called Uniskript. The Gulf Province is one of the first places in the world to utilize Uniskript. The goal is to combat the injustice of illiteracy around the world.

To find out more about Uniskript check out the link!