Volunteer Story – Erin

I had the opportunity to serve at Kapuna for 2.5 months. To be honest, I wish it was longer.

My job here has been media and communications. Or sometimes just running random errands. From writing proposals for grants, to updating the website, to interviewing locals and staff for stories, to photographing events, I have gotten to cover the gamut of communications related projects.

More than getting to live out my dream job each day, I am in awe of the community. The staff, the students, the patients, and my fellow volunteers have taken me into their hearts and made me wantok (family).  This is an incredible, uplifting environment to serve in.

Also, I get to live in the bush! Despite humidity, gecko poop, and obnoxious chickens, I get to spend each day in a profusion of tropical flowers and enchanting beauty.

Have I mentioned all of my dinghy rides to villages? I am certain that commuting to work via boat is the best. I also get to go to work barefoot.

There is adventure around each bend. I have ridden in a dugout canoe, been out hunting crocodiles at night, seen thousands of fireflies light up the night, and taken weekend trips to beaches. I highly recommend Kapuna…. your only problem will be you won’t want to leave!

-Erin, 30, USA